Soldier And Me (tv series)
first published 1965 - Booklist

Definitely one of the greatest and hairiest kids adventure books - ever!

I have to say that - the original book jacket read "this was a bedtime story for Philip..." Nice story but not true. He did write a bedtime story though. It was about a boy called Bruno who had a hook for a hand.

Lionel Davidson had a second career under the name of David Line writing some kids books in between the adult ones.

Soldier and Me is a fantastic kids book and I'm not being biased here. If it had been made into a feature film I'm convinced it would have been shown every Christmas for years and years. It did get made into a tv series which I don't think did it justice.

As a read it is more of a boys thing than a girls but I think it is a pretty good adult read too. I have recently reread it and it races along with a rare intensity. We lived (and I grew up) in a suburb of London called Kew Gardens. Although there is no location to the book the first half takes place in Kew Gardens - not quite the genteel place one would assume! I don't appear in this book, but several other kids from our street do. Also some of those previously mentioned Hungarians make an appearance and they have ways of dealing with disobedient kids!

In various countries this book was also known as RUN FOR YOUR LIFE. and it became the first of three he wrote in this series. To go to the next in the series, press here . Read more about the tv series here

The next book Lionel Davidson wrote was an adult book and one of the greatest adventure stories.





Soldier and Me