The Rose of Tibet
first published 1962 - Booklist

The Rose of Tibet was the first of Lionel Davidson's big adventure stories and hailed as one of the greatest adventure stories ever told. It was first published by Gollancz in 1962 and begins with a very odd story concerning a fictional Gollancz - my Father could not stop telling stories, sometimes real, sometimes made up - I could never tell which was which.

Anyway, The Rose of Tibet is an epic adventure of survival, romance, legends coming to life and much more. In the isolated village of Yamdring, with its 1000 priestesses - you know you are in for trouble. For those who like Kolymsky Heights, you'll probably like this too.

Surviving while on the run in artic conditions seems to be a little theme of Lionel Davidson's books, yet he actually wrote this book in an extremely hot study with a wood burner. It was like a sauna in there.

The Rose of Tibet