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first published 1960 - Booklist

This was Lionel Davidson's first book and won the prestigious Crime Writers Association Gold Dagger. Also won other awards and much critical praise. It was made into a feature film, with star studded cast, called "Hot Enough For June". More information about Hot Enough For June here

Night of Wencelas is a comedy in a spy spoof genre (Lionel Davidson may well have invented the genre) and takes place in Czechoslovakia and England.

Most of Lionel Davidson's books have an element of travelogue and all have a vivid 3D insight into local culture. They are also a period snapshot.

After world war two , as a reporter, Lionel Davidson made a number of trips to Europe. A visit to Prague provided the location for his first book and one to Bavaria for his his fifth book, Making Good Again. He also had a fascination with strange Hungarians, some appear in books, others he just told me about, or made them up. I'm not sure if he ever went to Hungary and it's a credit to his imagination that some of the locations of his books he never visited at all!

SYNOPSIS OF NIGHT OF WENCESLAS - Young man, hapless Nicolas Whistler goes on a business trip to Czechoslovakia to discharge a debt. Howver the innoncent little book he has to carry turns out to be 'atomic'.




The Night of Wenceslas

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