The Chelsea Murders

first published 1978 Booklist

Called Murder Games in the U.S. - The Chelsea Murders is a thrilling page turning Whodunit. It won the CWA Gold Dagger. It was made into a tv special in the Armchair Theatre series. Like Soldier and Me before I reckon it would have been better off made as a feature.

This is because it is a vivid snapshot in time of when Chelsea really did swing and the Kings Road really had panache. To capture the full glory of that really needed a bigger production. Maybe the time has passed for a feature film, but should there be a desire for a feature film set in the trendy Chelsea in the 70's - then this is definitely the best book for it.

Like Soldier and Me it seemed to draw on experiences in my life, although not murder I hasten to say. I actually went to a film school and the realism and artiness of Chelsea is quite phenomenal.

Because of this three times win my Father also won the Cartier Diamond lifetime achievement award too.


Chelsea Murders