Lionel Davidson

Lionel Davidson (my Dad) was one of the great authors of the twentieth century. He won the crime writers gold dagger three times, wrote three of the big adventure stories of the last century, and two classic childrens books too. He had a particular magic with words that made vivid scenes spring out of the page. Two of the big adventure stories should have been blockbuster features, and maybe they still can. His books were translated into many languages and have dozens of editions. I put pictures here from some of the numerous covers. I am not going to say more about any of the books, or plots, as you can explore for yourself on his Amazon page, and Faber & Faber.
This is a special year for him as it is 100 years since his birth. Maybe a time for me to reflect, celebrate, heal old wounds, read his books again, and see what happens in this special year. For me it is an it is an anniversary too. Along with the Queen it is a year of anniversaries!


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Philip Davidson

The anniversay for me a big birthday too, and the finishing of a trilogy which I have worked on over the last four years. My father once mentioned a film I produced: "Now you have joined the old firm," he said. It was good of him, not true. With this trilogy I truly think I have. I beleive it is a worthy piece of literature, although may require some adjustments.Over the last year I experienced strange delusions that it will become one of the great fanatasies that define the 21st century. It is completely different from any of my father's - a fantasy comedy - maybe a meld of 1984 & Superman genres. In some peculiar way he success of each of our works could generate each other – so may the old-firm carry on! Happy birthday, Dad.

Georgina Tipton